The aim of the association is to bring together both individuals and legal entities with the common purpose of incfluencing drug policy, focusing primarily on legalizing cannabis, cannabis products and derivates.

To achieve this goal, the association performs a number of activities, which in the first place include organizing cultural, social and educational events and information campaigns, lobbying, research of the potential of cannabis as a agricultural crop, research of the safest ways of growing from a medical and ecological point of view, reducing health risks connected to using and obtaining cannabis from the black market, support of a public debate regarding the legal status of cannabis and its users, running an information portal, publishing efforts, as well as coordinating activities with individuals or groups in both the Czech Republic and abroad. The fundamental aim of the Legalizace.cz association is to assert:


What does our concept of legalization look like?

Recently, terms like decriminalization, legalization and regulation, which are often understood in completely dissimilar ways by different parties, have been widely discussed in the media and the society at large in relation to psychoactive cannabis. Whereas in the case of decriminalization, all handling of cannabis (except consumption itself in the Czech Republic) remains illegal and decriminalized activities are not considered a crime but are always punishable as a minor offense, legalization means a complete impunity for all handling of cannabis, provided all other legal obligations (such as taxes) are duly observed of course. We are fully aware that cannabis plant contains psychoactive substances and in the case of improper use, it may present a potential risk for the user and thus for the society as well. We are therefore convinced that a certain form of cannabis regulation by the state is necessary. It should primarily concern age limit of users, advertising regulation, quality control, preventing driving and other potentially hazardous activities under the influence of cannabis, etc. Our concept and our demans can be best summed up by the term LEGAL REGULATION of cannabis.

We demand that the government of the Czech Republic and other legislators legalize, without unnecessary delays, the following activities for adult citizens of the Czech Republic:

  • growing and possession of cannabis with a THC content of over 0.3% for personal needs
  • production and possession of cannabis derivates for personal needs
  • founding and running the so-called “cannabis clubs”, i.e. non-profit associations of citizens aimed at collective growing and distribution of cannabis for registered members

while also ensuring:

  • licensed, controlled and duly taxed production of cannabis and its derivates and their sale to end users
  • accessing cannabis for free or for a symbolic fee to medically indicated patients

Why legalize?

  1. The basis for the above-stated demands is our conviction that any adult person has the right to grow and use with impunity the cannabis plant for any purpose, whether medical or recreational, as they in no way interfere with the rights and liberties of others by such an activity. The use of cannabis does not fulfil the characteristics of a criminal offence in any aspect and is therefore not considered a crime in our country. However, any actions that allow the use – growing, production, possession, provision, sale, import etc. – is always punishable. This creates an obvious paradox: a person cannot perform the legal activity of using cannabis without also committing or taking part in a crime or a minor offence at best.
  2. Prohibition and repression do not work. Years of experience from across the globe clearly show that the degree of repression has basically no influence on the rate of cannabis use among the population. The effect of prohibition is quite the opposite, with cannabis use becoming more attrative for the youth thanks to the so-called “forbidden fruit effect”.
  3. Prohibition creates the black market. When cannabis is illegal, all production and trade happen without any sort of control in the criminal environment of the black market. This results in completely deformed prices, as well as unknown quality and composition of the product purchased, which only contributes to the health risk connected to cannabis use. Compared to legal market, the state loses huge amounts of tax revenue and, on the other hand, contributes significant sums to enforcing prohibition. These potential profits or savings could be put to a much better use in the field of prevention and education.
  4. Cannabis is medicine. The possitive effect of cannabis on a whole range of conditions is undeniable today. In 2013, a bill allowing the medical use of cannabis was became law in the Czech Republic; however, the official medical cannabis remains inaccessible for most patients. It is crucial to mend the whole system so that cannabis will be available to all indicated patients for free or for a symbolic price.

The statutes of the Legalizace.cz association can be viewed here.