Million Marihuana March 2018: Cannabis as a people’s plant

How is cannabis perceived by the Czech society? What does the success of the Pirate Party in recent parliamentary election mean for the local legalization movement? How to make this herb practically available to the sick and reduce black market? How to avoid risks accompanying the use of mind altering substances and make use of their potential for healing and personal development? All of these topics and more will be discussed during the 21st year of Prague’s demonstration and happening for cannabis legalization – Million Marihuana March. With this march, the Czech Republic is joining hundreds of similar happenings under the same label all around the globe.

Join us to express your disagreement with the current state of laws! Cannabis is a people’s plant,every adult person should have the right to grow and use it.

The demonstration will start at 12:30 in Charles Square then march through the city center, all the way to Štvanice island, where there will be a rich accompanying program including:

  • Concerts and performances
  • Political discussion
  • Lectures on cannabis and related topics
  • Sale of seeds and equipment
  • Vaporizer lounge

We also welcome activists, cannabis experts and recipients of medical cannabis who would like to speak at the demonstration.

If you are interested, in speaking or hosting a workshop, please contact, or if you would like to become a volunteer and help us with the organization and promotion of this year’s Million Marihuana March, submit this form.

MMM 2017. Foto: Marek Rebroš

Or lastly, if you’re representing a business, why not submit the form have your booth at the event?

Let’s legalize!


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