Prague’s Cannafest 2017: The Eighth Year of the World’s Largest Cannabis Trade Fair

On Friday, November 10th, the gates of Prague’s EXPO Letňany will open and the entire weekend will be dedicated to the 8th annual international cannabis trade fair, Cannafest. What does the largest event of its kind in the world have in store for you?

“Last year we broke the attendance record again with 30,193 visitors and I am convinced we will break it again this year,” Lukáš Běhal, the Cannafest director, stated. In order to satisfy the ever-increasing demand on the part of exhibitors, whose number reached 252 from 25 different countries, the total exhibition floor will grow by another 3000 m2 to the total of 16 500 m2.”

In addition to interest on the part of the public and exhibitors, Cannafest is attracting more media attention – last year there were more than 180 accredited journalists from all around the world. This has a lot to do with cannabis prohibition falling apart on the global level as well as with increasing focus on the industrial and medical potential of this herb.

The international professional conference featuring many household names has always been one of the biggest draws of Prague’s Cannafest. And this year is no exception, bringing together top cannabinoid researchers from all over the world, professional growers and experts in the agricultural uses of cannabis, representatives of a number of patients’ groups and legalisation activists. Let’s just mention the legendary Czech chemist and cannabinoid researcher Lumír Hanuš, or renowned breeder Sasha Przytyk, who came up with the first fully stabilised autoflowering strain.

More Entertainment

Like in previous years, there will be plenty of time for relaxation and entertainment. The rich accompanying programme of films, workshops and exhibitions, outdoor chill-out tent and photo corner will be enlarged this year by a brand new “Cannafest Free Zone”, where you can enjoy skateboarding exhibitions, graffiti contests, and also a stage with live music. “We’re very happy that more and more people are interested in cannabis, both professionals and the public. The ever-increasing number of visitors also creates demands on the organisation – and we are doing our best to do provide something for everyone,” explained Lukáš Běhal.

Organizational Changes

There are two important changes in the fair’s programme from previous years: 1. Cannafest will take place at EXPO Letňany this year because of technical issues. 2. On the first day, Friday, November 10th, Cannafest will be open from 11 am to 1 pm only to registered exhibitors, businessmen and conference members. The doors will open to the general public at 1 pm.

Advance Ticket Sales

Advance tickets are on sale at,, and at the Cannafest web page:

Conference Affiliation

The organisers of Cannafest have prepared one more interesting addition, which is the brand new business conference EuroAmCBC (European American Cannabis Business Conference), whose goal is to deepen cooperation between the cannabis sectors in Europe and across the Atlantic. The conference will take place from November 8–9 in the Žofín Palace, with the full cooperation of Cannafest. For more information, see

General sponsors of Cannafest 2017 are, Advanced Nutrients of Holland, and Prague Filters and Papers.

The association seeks to reform the Czech drug legislation, namely cannabis law. To achieve this goal, we perform a range of activities, which include primarily organizing cultural and educational events, information campaigns, lobbying, implementing activities focusing on reducing the health risks connected to using and obtaining cannabis from the black market, publishing activities and running an information website. If you find our work meaningful, please support us.


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